Our Story.

Started by the Lone Star Farmers Market team in Austin, we've seen the incredible spirit of local farmers and artisans firsthand. We witnessed their passion, dedication, and the immense potential of farmers markets as launchpads for thriving businesses.


Empowering Vendors At Every Stage.

While passion was abundant, navigating the exciting yet complex world of farmers markets could be challenging. We noticed aspiring and established vendors could benefit from a comprehensive resource, a one-stop shop, to equip them with the knowledge and tools to build long-term success.


The Hub: Your Launchpad To Growth.

Enter The Farmers Market Hub! We offer a dynamic online course, curated resources, and online community – a powerful combination designed to accelerate your market success. We don't just help you thrive at the booth; we help you take your business online, and even beyond, to grocery store shelves or your dream restaurant!! 

  • The Farmers Market Course:

    This flagship program is your roadmap to success. It features a step-by-step guide and exclusive video interviews with seasoned vendors, giving you the practical tools and insights you need to thrive at every stage. 

  • Valuable Resources At Your Fingertips:

    Save time searching! Our course includes curated resources, tools, and even a shopping site to streamline your market journey.

  • Supportive Free Online Community:
    Connect with fellow vendors, share experiences, and learn from each other in our vibrant online community.


The Team Behind Your Success.

Our team's 15+ years managing the Lone Star Farmers Market gives us a deep understanding of the unique landscape you navigate. We've seen it all, and we're dedicated to providing the support you need to not just survive, but thrive and flourish, both at the market and beyond.


Ready to take your farmers market business to the next level?

Explore our online course and join our free community today!

Richie Romero

Richie's been cooking up a storm for over 15 years, and not just in the kitchen! He's the Founder behind Lone Star Farmers Market, which has become one of Austin's top markets. He's passionate about helping individuals pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and creating vibrant spaces for  communities to gather and support them.

Fun fact: He's been an Art Director for some of the world's top video games!

Misty Gibbs 

Misty has helped local small businesses stand out with creative marketing strategies for over 10 years as the Founder of Haute Finds Guide and Haute Digital Marketing. This passion has carried over the last 5 years as the Social Media Manager for Lone Star Farmers Market!

She's also a bit obsessed with learning top marketing strategies from the most successful creators and entrepreneurs.

Fun Fact: Those top marketing strategies? Misty shares all the same secrets in the online course!